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Dji just announced new prosumer drone Dji Inspire 1 witk 4K camera. Let's see some cool videos.

20. DJI Inspire Lake Tahoe 4K converted to 1080p FCPX

19. DJI Inspire One: A Professional Grade Flying Camera

18. DJI Inspire One: 4k Raw Aerial Footage

17. Drone Friends - DJI Inspire & Phantom - 4k


15. DJI Inspire 1 - Optical Flow Sensor Testing

14. Dji Inspire Long Range test 1.9km

13. Tested: Hands-On with DJI's Inspire 1 Quadcopter!

12. Supersmooth test video / real footage by Eric Cheng: "DJI Inspire 1: Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, Quick Approach 4K / 30p"

11. First 4K DJI Inspire 1 Raw Footage (untouched out of cam, 30fps)

10. DJI INSPIRE I By Freeway Prod.

9. First DJI Inspire 1 Test (Hands-on)

8. Dji Inspire 1 CLOSE UP by Dronefly.com

7. DJI Inspire in action by Dronefly

6. Real 4K footage. Bad light conditions.

5. DJI's new Inspire 1 - Review by Octofilms

4. DJI Inspire 1 Transmitter Tablet / Phone Holder

3. DJI Inspire Hands on review, flying, specs, prices, photos

2. Official ad

1. Launch event

Some links too:

Thanks! And finally - check out my aerial panoramas. Until now the drone was Dji Phantom 2 Vision+. But i propably upgrade. :)

Toompea panoraam
Toompea panoraam