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I am big fan of Dji Inspire 1 with Zenmuse X5 camera - almost perfect solution for my professional photography job. Thank You and respect, Dji Team for fantastic work! I am sure, that there will be new models time to time, hopefully every year. In november? Lets see.

(Hope you understand my english). Anyway, i have some hopes and wishes:


I really hope to have better battery time. Today with Zenmuse X5 and TB48 battery i get 11-12 min flight time. I shoot often "blue hour pics", short period after sunset and city lights turned on. It lasts only about 20min before getting too dark. So every second counts.

Every landing in city is big risk: GPS quality between houses is not so stable, crazy magnet fields near houses, streets, wires, people walking by etc. Today i have to land every 11-12 min and it makes me nerveous every time.

So at least +50% flight time would be wonderful, or even 20 min with X5.

Double batteries maybe? It can be like "insurance" too if one fails.


* Obstacle avoidance sensor like Phantom 4. Maybe all directions?
* Bit more hovering stability. I do calibrate, but my P3 seems more stable than I1. At least when hovering. Also when landing.
* Duplicated compass/sensors like P4.
* Better signal range like P4.
* New Lightbridge, more stable video transmission.
* FPV camera for second person/pilot (or myself if i fly alone and turn camera).
* Maybe even 4G mobile data built in, so i never loose signal and drone. Could be accessory.


Zenmuse X5 is wonderful, however there is always room for improvements.

* Today i miss most higher resolutsion (more megapixels, maybe 20 or even 24). Aerial images have SO much small details to show. It really counts with really big prints.

* Less noise at high ISO, dark areas. Or at least not more noise than today with higher resolution. I know, that more resolution and less noise are in conflict, but technology improves.

* Improved light dynamics. Always wet dream and there is so much room for improvement :)

* Bit better video quality for regular X5 - 100Mbps?

* Better gimbal: i love that gimbal, but it does not hold horizon well and it takes so much time later on photoshop, specially when making panoramas. Is this question on hardware or software or both, i dont know. Also would be nice to have infinite 360 rotating gimbal.

* Edit: Vertical shooting mode like Dji Mavic Pro has.


Some minor ideas for app:

* Built in intuitive fast panorama mode to make 3 or 4 or whatever frame panoramas, up to 360'. 

* Popup notification if engines started but SD card is not inserted. Inspire users 99% want to shoot something and sometimes you dont notice that small "no sd card" message.

* Possibility to save camera settings presets, unlimited. I have some typical settings for night shooting, for videos etc and would be very useful, as every second in air counts.

* Possibility to record sound with smart phone microfon. Useful, if you want to comment flying (inspecting, filming sports, training videos, taking notes for myself or even record problems, if somebody comes agressivly to complain etc...)

* Possibility to screen capture app live video.

* Alert, if satellites are dropping near to critical level before it goes ATTI mode. Sometimes i dont notice i have only 8-9 sats and next moment...

* File numbering. Today it resets numbers after every 999 pics. I shoot easily 1000+ pics per week if busy times. So i have tens of files per year with same name. It should be at least 9999 or better 99999. Maybe even with manual configuration (for example my name + project name + location + date + number, configurable).

* Flight recordings improvements. When i watch history of my flight, map, there are small thumbnails on map. Would be nice if i can open pictures and maybe even aotuomatic function "retake that shot".


I really wish there will be wireless easy in-app update for all - camera, drone, remote, app, batteries. It is sooooo messy right now. I dont know even what firmware i actually need (first generation I1+X5).


* Filters. Would be nice to have max quality regular and graduated ND filters (with IR blocker to avoid pink cast) for Zenmuse X5, supported and sold by Dji itself.

* Lens balancing. Today i need to balance different lenses by DIY. Would be nice to have some premade easy solution to do that (velcro or something).

* Charging hub to charge 4 batteries simultaneously. Maybe fast charging technology too?

* Some people say they miss "enter to travel mode" button on drone. What if i could do that with pressing battery power button 4-5 times?

Tnx. Until that: enjoy my pics, i love my drone!

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Hotell Palace
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Õhtuse vanalinna panoraam
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